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Welcome to the HideorHunt Store!

Here you are able to purchase Ranks & Extras for Hide or Hunt! Please select a Category above to begin browsing what is currently available.

Item Claiming

If you have purchased a Item off the Store (Anything from Summoners, Boosters, Cosmetics or Titles), you will now need to use /claim to receive your Item. This Feature will hold your Item(s) for upto 1 week so you can redeem it when you want to use it.

Note: Items that are stored in /claim will NOT carry carry over Maps so please ensure they are used on the Map they're purchased for.

Information & Support 

When purchasing any Ranks or Extras from the Store, please keep in mind the following:

» Ensure that you have entered the Correct Username for your purchase (This can be seen at any time in the top-right corner)

» Purchases can take up to 1 hour to go through (However they will usually be given within 5-15 minutes)

» If an eCheck does occur, it can take roughly 7* days to go through (*This can take more or less time with 7 days being the average)

» If you are under the age of 18, please ask a Parent/Guardian before purchasing a Rank or Extra

» Ensure that you have Inventory Space when purchasing Physical Items e.g Titles

» Being online at the time of purchase is advised

If you have not received the Ranks/Extras you purchased after 1 hour or are having any other Issues with purchasing/purchases from Hide or Hunt, please create a Store Issue here: purchase-help.hideorhunt.com.  When submitting a Store Issue, please ensure you include Purchase Information (e.g Transaction ID) if your issue is for a completed purchase. If you're having an Issue that is not for a completed purchase, please ensure you include details about the Issue you are having. 


Alongside receiving In-game Perks from purchasing Ranks, you can also receive a Discord Role! When purchasing a Rank, you will have the option to log into Discord which will grant you the Role listed in the Perks section on our Discord! If you choose to log in to Discord when purchasing the Rank, all you need to do to receive your Discord Role is type: !tebex:claim in the #rank-claiming Channel. For those that purchased  a Rank before this feature was introduced, you can still claim it under the "Discord" Section on the Store.

If you don't have Discord or don't want a Discord Role, that's fine as you can just click "Continue" without logging in to purchase a Rank without that Perk. 

Discord: discord.hideorhunt.com


Any Personal Information submitted when purchasing from our store will remain private. We do not sell or redistribute the information given to anyone.

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing through the Hide or Hunt Store you agree to the Terms & Conditions that come with doing so. Failing to agree to the Terms & Conditions will prevent you from purchasing from the Hide or Hunt Store. Any purchases of ranks or extras are final and you will not be refunded if you are: Quitting, Banned, etc. Chargebacks and disputes will lead to a permanent ban on Hide or Hunt and will void any ranks/extras bought. If you do not comply with the Terms & Conditions, we have the right to remove any paid for service or ban you. All ranks bought will last as long as the life of the server, until then they are lifetime ranks.

The Terms & Conditions may change at any time, with or without notification or approval of the customer.


Hide or Hunt is NOT affiliated with Minecraft and Mojang AB. Please do not contact Mojang about any purchases as they cannot help you in any way. 

If you are unable to purchase an Unban on an account (due to it being purchased already or due to being blacklisted), no more Unbans can be purchased on any account. Attempting to play again by purchasing an Unban on another account will result in that account being re-banned. 

VAT Number - 222487416

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